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Best Speed Training Tips for Tennis Players


In the game of tennis, speed and movement matter a lot. In this game, the players have to respond to different types of shots and for this, they must move quickly by constantly changing the directions. Speed and your fast movement describe how fast you respond to the ball. And your ability to change the direction by maintaining perfect control and momentum of the game by meaningful training. The two of these factors matter a lot that’s why the player who takes advantage of both can easily and efficiently use these plus points to win the game on the court. Proper training is very essential for every player to improve their performance overall.

Strength also plays a very important role, but the main physical qualities needed by tennis players are speed and quickness. You can’t only limit the role of speed with running. It is also very much essential in the movement of the limbs and body in different activities.

Here there are some examples of seedy movements of different body parts like the movement of arms determining to hold off your racquet and how fast you move your racquet to respond to different shots quickly.

Quickness determines the ability to change directions while in motion or starting from the ready position. Speed is not a trait that can be developed by itself. Speed and quickness both are related to each other as well as other physical qualities but to develop these characteristics constant training is required. In this case, you must improve your strength as well because the greater the strength greater will be your speed and quick movement.

Here in this blog, we will discuss in detail how you can improve your speed and improve your

Warm Up with Speed Training Exercises

Training to improve the speed in the game of tennis needs intense exercises. For all these exercises you have to do a proper warm-up because without a warm-up the chances of injury increase. It improves your overall performance in the training. One more thing that you must pay attention to is fundamental strength, which is very significant in tennis, as it helps to make stability in movement and gives a boost to the player. As the rate of muscle contraction increases in speed exercise, the proper warm-up is required same is the case with a cool down. Take proper time to cool down your overall body. To strengthen the muscles planks, crunches, sit-ups, and regular weightlifting are the best exercises.  

Try Sprints with Your Dog

Sprint is the best exercise to improve your speed. You can set some hurdles with some distance on the court and sprint over them fatly without touching these hurdles. As fast as you run it will help you to boost up your speed very efficiently. This will also help you to run with maximum control at a faster leap and strengthen you to use your arms for more momentum. One more thing that you can do is sprint with your dog as the dogs are the best patterns to practice some quick sprints. The main objective of all these trainings is just to build outstanding speed. A fast sprint, a break and then repeat this cycle for better results.

 Avoid Training in Straight Lines

Tennis is the game to move in multi directions. Sometimes you have to move forward then backwards or sideways, so you have to practice multidirectional movement. Avoid training just in a straight line and practice in curved lines, backward, and sideways movement. Through this, you can take advantage of your opponent in multidirectional movements on the court. It will also help you to learn the game of angles and balancing as well. Try to do your drills at different locations, a slanted field by chasing the ball. Drilling in different angles, locations and surfaces will help you to improve your game.

Work On Your Footwork and Hand-Eye Coordination

Improving your speed to improve the game is not the only factor. Fast hand-eye coordination and perfect footwork are two major tennis skills very much essential for improving overall game performance. You need to be very good at speed but to catch a proper shot one by one and fastly footwork and eye coordination also matter a lot. You must go for different drills for better footwork and eye coordination. This training will help you to maintain a fast movement with complete momentum and balance.


All the above-mentioned tips will help you to improve your game. The tennis players need speed training, agility training and endurance training.  It can be done through speed training exercises to strengthen your overall performance, speed, and agility on the court. Being a tennis lover, if you are looking for a tennis shop near Southold, North fork Tennis shop is the best for all their professional services.

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