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How to become a good tennis player?

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Like other sports, tennis also needs so much practice to be the perfect in this game. If you are a beginner in this game, you must do a lot of work like every tennis player to make your performance better and be a good tennis player. It’s too early to expect so much perfection in your game. Every tennis lover and fans adore the big names of tennis like Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer. Here one very important thing that should be kept in mind is that these players are not born with a tennis racquet in their hand. A tennis personage and identity are only formed through years of effort and practice.


If you want to be a good and professional tennis player in tennis here are a few tips to master your tennis skills and become a good tennis player at any stage of your tennis journey. It will influence your growth and performance as a player.

Plan While practicing the game

Planning out before you play or while practicing is very essential. It is the number one reason to see no performance in your game is a lack of proper planning. First, identify your weaknesses and then plan to overcome these weaknesses. In the end, implement this plan to see the results in your performance. Try to make a good rhythm on tour shots.  And this is particularly important if you have a technical mistake in one or more of your shots, because if you don’t fix that weakness then you are strengthening incompetent mechanics in your muscle memory. So, a good plan helps you out what exactly you want to improve.


Better shots and better game positioning matter a lot. While missing the shots it’s not the stroke technique that is being pointed out but it’s you’re positioning. So, need to work on it. It is the rhythm of the game that the player feels off-balance, incapable to hit the shot in the strike zone, can’t take a full swing and drops control of the shot while out of position. What helps you out for better positioning. Footwork. A footwork drill helps the player to focus on getting to the ball as rapidly and competently as possible. All these drills and practices help in a position to hit a quality shot.

Higher Level Training Partners

Practice with strong tennis players always leads to a better and improved game.  It is the fact that if you go for training with extraordinary players then you ultimately see an improvement in strength, focus, footwork, and decision-making skills.

Playing Tournaments/ Playing Locally

Playing tournaments locally helps you to elevate your skills to the next level. In a competitive environment when you play it helps you to learn how you perform under pressure. If you don’t give enough time for tournaments, then you must go for small level tennis competition matches for better practice as well as to overcome all your weaknesses.

Understand the Rules Observe your opponent’s game

Understand the rules that how to play a tennis game. It’s very important to observe your opponent’s tennis player game and then according to their weakness and strengths make your strategy to win the game. Implementing the right plan can’t be possible without a proper strategy that ultimately leads to better performance. The strategy should b planned in such a way that makes their weakness your strength and work hard on that.

Good diet

A good diet is a must-have for a good tennis game or to build strong stamina for this tough and challenging game. Avoid junk food and try to add clean food to your diet that results in high body energy and to gain a more athletic physique. Cut out sugary desserts and drinks from your diet and add veggies for fibre as well as protein intake.  

Fitness is very essential in the court, and if you are permanently taking unhealthy food, you will never be able to function at your maximum potential.

Follow one Pattern of play

Don’t go for too much-diversified a pattern of play. It’s better to stick to one to two patterns. It’s the golden rule in the game don’t go for several shots while trying to hit your strongest shots. Don’t panic in your game while you miss any shot. Try to maintain the momentum of the game.

Improve Your Speed

It’s very important to react toward your opponent’s shot by moving fast around the court.  The best way to improve your footwork, as well as coordination, is skipping with a rope. This practice will help you out very efficiently.

Always Stick to your game plan

While any practice match or in a tournament, it’s important to stick to your game plan. Try to make your plan by observing your opponent’s weaknesses. A consistent approach is a better strategy. When playing a match, you should strive for efficiency. There is nothing better than closing off a match fast and having more time to concentrate on the next one

Final Verdict Beginners and young tennis players should always keep in mind that they are in the learning phase. There are a lot of opportunities for tennis players.  They can join tennis academy to learn through tennis lessons as well as bought the equipment at the tennis store Long Island. Above mentioned tips will help the beginners as these are different practical ways to become a good tennis player

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