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Popular New Tennis Racquets For 2022

New Tennis Racquets

2022 has brought some upgrades and new models that are living up to the hype. Here we share new tennis racquets and some of those models with some short hitting notes. Look for more in-depth racquet reviews to learn more, but more importantly, always play with any racquet of interest before purchasing.

Head Boom:

Head Boom

As hyped, it has a great feel for the ball, a friendly middle-of-the-range flex, yet still has plenty of power on tap. It’s a rare racquet when you can have this kind of power on tap, still feel in control, and also be adept at touch shots. A top demo option for any level player which is also rare when you can satisfy this wide range. That said, intermediate up is likely to go with the pro model and intermediate down the MP, but age, fitness, and strength will also play a role there.

Wilson Clash:

Wilson Clash

Known for its significant flex and arm-friendly play this model has found its supporters. This is another frame that can go from beginner to advanced player, especially the older advanced player needing something to help with injuries and still have the ability to swing-out.



Gaining recognition due to Medvedev and Swiatek, but it doesn’t need them for its dues! The best grommet system and high quality stand out immediately. The TF40 or TFight models get a lot of recognition in their player’s frames, but the TF-X1 or the T-Rebound IGA 298 are really where the magic is at. The majority of players of most varying levels could call either of these their racquet of choice. TF-X1 has great pop but is not unruly and you can use the strings to fine-tune it easily. The feel, weight, and overall playability of the Rebound are hard to beat…the only knock is that with Swiatek’s signature it seems like a women’s marketed racquet and it doesn’t have to be, many men will find happiness with this frame if they put their ego aside.

Solinco Blackout:

Solinco blackout

Solinco has a huge following, known for their strings, but have had racquets and now two premiere models. The Blackout will appeal to more players than the Whiteout as it has a little more power and is still very under control. The feel is precise and accuracy is not sacrificed at all with this. I am typically a control, low-powered racquet player, but this one has made one of my top choices.

Yonex Ezone:

yonex ezone

Different weight and head size option like almost every model already mentioned. The Ezone 100 is likely the beauty of choice for most players. A generous sweetspot, power easily accessible, and good feel. This racquet to me is kind of the jack of all trades. Not necessarily the best at any one thing, but also not the worst at anything. The sum of all parts equal a consistent frame also good for a wide range of players.

Dunlop SX300:

dunlop sx300

Like all brands Dunlop has many models to choose from, but the new sx300 has the combination of modern players frame, power, and control of all their models. It is sure to be a hit with anyone looking for something with some extra put away power.

More reviews to come as well as share some testing thoughts on string!

Strings have taken a strong push towards poly’s and hybrids, which for some do play great, but with all the great multifilaments out there, for the majority of players picking the right multi or synthetic gut is a much better choice once you get to the right string and tension for your game.

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