#1 Most overlooked part of tennis by most players is string frequency. All strings have a stretch life regardless of use and will not play at their optimal performance.
Beginners should schedule about every 3-4 months or 1-2 per season
Intermediates if not breaking strings should do every 1-2 months
Advanced if not breaking, every 3-5 weeks
Important note: Poly strings will go dead long before most players break them. They have a short like span of 3-5 weeks. Their playability at that point drops drastically and it also increases the players chance of shoulder, wrist, or elbow issues. Strings are broken into 5 categories
-Poly or Co-poly: monofilament with low power, high control, common string choice for competitive intermediate to advanced players with no injuries
TOP SELLERS: Luxilon Alupower or 4G, Babolat RPM Blast, Volk Cyclone or tour, Solinco Hyper-G or Tour Bite, Technifibre Ice Code or Razor Code, Diadem Solstice Power, 100s to choose from or use in a hybrid set-up
-Multifilament: Hundreds of fibers wrapped together, closest to natural gut with a soft arm friendly feel, higher power and playability potential
TOP SELLERS: Technifibre NRG, X-One Biphase, Multifeel; Head Velocity; Babolat Excel; Gamma Ocho XP; Solinco Vanquish; Volkl Power feel; Dunlop Silk Pro; Yonex Rexis comfort
-Synthetic Gut: Nylon core wrap, still the most highly used and prevalant choice among recreational players for its combination of playability, cost, and familiarity
TOP SELLERS: Prince, Gamma, Dunlop, Babolat, Gosen
-Natural Gut: Cow's intestine, most comfortable, best ball pocketing, feel, touch, power, and control (once right tension is found for you), also most expensive
TOP SELLERS: Babolat VS Touch, Luxilon, Volkl
Hybrids: Infinite combinations of all of the above, typically a poly in the mains and synthetic gut or multi in the crosses
COMMON COMBOS: Poly mains, Synthetic crosses (Alupower/Prince Synthetic)
Poly mains, multi crosses (RPM blast,/Head Velocity)
Natural gut mains and poly crosses for those wanting the best and not concerned about cost or to save cost with gut, natural gut and multi's are popular as well MORE TO CONSIDER WHEN STRINGING - TENSION and STRING GAUGE
Tension is simply going tighter or looser, typically 45-60lbs is the range
Tighter gives you more control and less pocketing, a stiffer low powered feeling
Looser gives you more power, more pocketing, and more ball feel Gauge is the thickness and choices generally range from 15g-18g
16G and 17G are by far the most popular choices
Thinner = more power and more spin
Thicker = more control and more durability