Tennis Racquet Reviews

These reviews are very basic to give an overview to help players figure out a starting point for them. Stop in or reach out for more specifics on any of these or any other frames. My vantage point, competitive 5.0 player 30 years ago, was a ProStaff or Head Speed Pro player my whole life, now the strokes are still 4.5, but the body isn’t always willing to play younger players at that level.

Control oriented models, generally for players with longer strokes that can generate their own power (intermediate to advanced players usually)

Yonex Percept 100: Replaces the Vcore Pro and offers a little more power and foregiveness over the 97. Still leans towards the low power end for the grooved player looking for precision and generating pace themselves.

Head Speed MP or Pro (Top Seller): The Speed’s flex and feel standout. It’s an old school, feel first frame with some modern flare. The MP offers more firegiveness, a little more power, a little lighter, and gentler sting bed especially on serving and volleying compared to the 18×20 pattern in the Pro model.

Yonex Ezone 98/100: Top seller; Think ultimate in feel and foregiveness with just the right balance of power and control. No shot feels jolting, the sweetspot feels that big, yet never feels overly lively or spraying balls. Hard racquet to match. The 98 is definitely more control and for the better player, whereas, the 100 offers just enough additional power to suit most people.

Head Radical MP/Pro: Similar to a Wilson ProStaff but a little more sweetspot friendliness. The Pro extra weight added some more punch and stability, but for most the MP offers a little more maneuverability to make it the better choice.

Tecnifibre TFight 298: A more modern stiffer frame, usually put more towards the power frames, but at this weight it fills a great niche for the advancing younger player or the aging high level player wanting some ease of use back into their strokes.

Head Prestige MP L: My new favorite, don’t be afraid of the lighter weight if you’re a high level player. It a softer, more feel, same power, lighter, better head light balance than the Speed MP. Great stability for this weight and already 6 point HL doesn’t need customization. A racquet always known for great feel, but in head sizes and string patterns that didn’t suit anyone except high level competitively active players….now there is a Prestige option for all!

“Goldilocks Frames” these racquets suit anyone from beginner to advanced depending on what you are looking for, some lean more towards control and some towards power, but none go to far either way and with slight string changes can satisfy just about EVERYONE!

Head Boom Pro or MP (Top Seller): This racquet had to be one of the first listed. It has a soft, foregiving, supple feel. Usually that equals no power, but this racquet has plenty on tap to finish points, yet it never feels erratic or uncontrollable. It’s simply not like many other racquets out there. More advanced players will certainly appreciate the Pro whereas beginner to intermediate players will do better with the bigger sweetspot and weight of the MP. Another nice thing with this frame is because of it’s touch and flex it makes it much more playable and safe for your body when playing with poly’s and it was truly amazing with a hybrid set-up in it. One of the best surprises of the year, but not the only.

Yonex Ezone 100: Top Seller: Mostly a little more of everything I mention for the Ezone 98. A little more power, a bigger sweetspot, more foregiving, more spin, and for most of this equals much more playability. It’s hard to imagine anyone not liking this frame.

Dunlop CX400: Easy power without getting away from you. If you an aging advanced player where footwork and stamina are pulling power from your players frame, look here first. Medium strokes will flourish and long strokes with less than perfect timing or not as fast anymore will result in a smile on your face when putting away balls you have been struggling with. Good all around playability so good choice for doubles player as your serve and volley will be sharp and have some pop. You do have to be selective with your strings though because this one is capable of becoming erratic if you go too loose on your string tension. Injured players can use this frame with a soft string and be very happy too. Want a little more weight and stability you can go with the tour model which also comes in a “Limited Edition” black motif, very sharp!

Solinco Blackout: Top Seller; It’s important to note this racquet and many of the previously reviewed racquets often come in multiple weights. My reviews are usually of the heavier or traits of the group that are consistent. I say that because the 300g version of this frame may be a little high for most, but the 285g or 265g put this frame in this category. It has surprisingly good control, accuracy, feel, and no weaknesses especially for a modern frame considered to be slightly more towards the power end of the scale. I found it very predictable and highly controllable for this type of frame and it was very senstitive to string selection meaning it is highly tunable to fit a lot of people. This is a racquet that almost everyone should try in the weight that suits their game best. Many prior Babalot Pure Drive players have switched to this as similar style racquet.

Babolat Pure Aero 23 Top Seller: A permanent member and most well-known do everything “goldilocks frame”. Known for it’s power and spin the 23 has added some flex and feel as well as a tighter string pattern. To me this is the best version of this frame I have ever hit with. The true long term  Rafa Aero user may still prefer the stiffer frame, but for most this is the best update in years to this frame!

POWER Racquets, these are frames that start with one priority, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be controlled. Today’s modern game and string work well with these and for those with lesser technique, shorter strokes, aging, or injured can use these attributes to still hit some crushing winners

Tecnifibre TF-X1: So impressive from its looks, grommet system, great stock grip, and I highly recommend using yellow strings. I almost wanted to put this in goldilocks and for many it will be, but it is still a power first racquet especially if you string with a synthetic gut or multi which many will really benefit from in this frame. Good feel which can be an issue with more power. Serve and volleyers, doubles players, or just a heavy hitting baseliner can all rejoice with this one.

Babolat Pure Drive (Top Seller): The reason the Aero didn’t make the power racquet list, this has been the staple for Babolat since Andy Roddick’s and his serve made this racquet well known. If you want power this is a must try. It is definitely not an easy racquet to control and string choice and tension are very important. This is for the aggressive baseliner primarily. There are other players that may benefit, but likely not the best racquet choice for them.